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Instruction and Academic Affairs (IAA) Department

The IAA department is managed by an Assistant Director, presently Mahmood Zar. The IAA is then divided into two units, those being the Preparatory Year English Unit (PYEU) and the Student Language Support Unit (SLSU). Each unit is managed by a “Head of Unit.” The present Head of Unit for the PYEU is Humza Mullick while the present Head of Unit for the SLSU is Omar Atimomo.

The present Deputy Head of Unit for the PYEU is Kevin (Uways) Onwardi while the Deputy Head of the SLSU is Waleed Fayez.

At each site, the day-to-day interactions between teaching staff as well as those between teachers and students is managed by Team Coordinators. The Team Coordinators are present at both the main campuses as well as the satellite campuses, working as liaisons between the PYEU Deputy Head and the teachers and students.

Preparatory Year English Unit (PYEU)
The Preparatory Year English Unit (PYEU) is responsible for managing the Preparatory Year English Language (PYEL) program.

Student Language Support Unit (SLSU)
The SLSU seeks to support ELC students through the provision of services, advice and facilities in order to aid the language learning process and improve students’ linguistic skills.