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Curriculum, Testing, E-Learning, and OASIS (CTEO) Department

The CTEP Department is responsible for the more technical aspects of the ELC programs, including the selection and evaluation of the ELC course materials; specifying the course aims and objectives as well as the learning outcomes of the ELC courses. CTEP is also responsible for producing the course pacing schedule, the preparation, distribution, collection, and marking of assessment instruments; developing and managing the e-learning component of the ELC courses; the entry of students attendance and exam results into both the ELC and the University data entry systems, in addition to the production of the final results.

Curriculum Unit
The broad aim of the Curriculum Unit is to decide on the ELC curricula (i.e. textbooks, handouts, supplementary materials, educational aids, etc…) and evaluate them. The Curriculum Unit is also responsible for developing a detailed syllabus and time plan to be followed in the classroom.

Testing Unit
The aim of the Testing Unit is to ensure that quality assessment is provided to students in an efficient and secure manner. The duties of the Testing Unit involve the preparing, scheduling, administration, and supervision of tests. Likewise, marking and management of the entire testing process falls under the jurisdiction of the Testing Unit. The Testing Unit seeks to incorporate both formative (i.e. continuous) and summative assessment methods in order to appropriately measure student progress.

E-Learning Unit
The ELC is trying to seek new ways to enhance the teaching and learning process and ensure faster, more effective and direct communication between the teaching staff and their students and even among the students themselves. Therefore, the addition of an e-learning component to the program is needed.

OASIS ( Introduction )
OASIS is the online information management system of the ELC. Its primary purpose is to manage student attendance and grades. However, it is also a communication tool.